GCI warrants that fabrication and installation of your product is in accordance with industry standards and manufacturer recommendations. GCI warranty is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation, contingent on adherence to “Client Responsibilities,” as outlined in GCI Terms and Conditions. The GCI warranty includes, but is not limited to, seam splitting, fabrication defects and sink adhesion malfunctions. This warranty is not transferable should GCI installed countertops be removed and reinstalled.

GCI warrants installation quality to the following specifications.

● Countertop seam lippage is no greater than 1/32”. Wall cladding seam lippage no greater than 3/64”.

● Countertop seam width is no greater than 1/16”. Wall cladding seam width is no greater than 3/32”.

● Stone is free of physical damage, such as chips, cracks and scratches

● Sink is adequately adhered and supported (unless sink is classified as a “heavy sink,” as per the GCI Terms and Conditions)

● Fabrication and installation is carried out in accordance with the Sales Order document; including, but not limited to, vein matching requests, cutouts, radii, sink reveal and edge profiles. It is the client’s responsibility to verify that any and all special fabrication requests are written in the Sale Order.

It is the client’s responsibility to verify that the product is free of physical damage upon the completion of install. Any such findings are to be communicated to GCI via email, info@greenstonecountertops.com, with accompanying photos, within 24 hours of installation. Repairing physical damage will be charged as a service call unless it is reported to GCI within the aforementioned timeline and meets the conditions outlined in this warranty.

The GCI warranty specifically excludes the following:

● Chips in the stone resulting from blunt force damage.

● Cracks, caused by:

○ Excessive vertical pressure; including, but not limited to standing on the countertops

○ The settling of foundation, floor joists, or insufficiently levelled / structurally unsound cabinetry

● Heat damage to engineered quartz:

○ Thermal expansion cracks from leaving crock pots or other high heat producing appliances on the surface for extended periods of time

○ Discolouration or the forming of rings from placing very hot objects (over 100 degrees C) directly on the countertop, such as pans right out of the oven.

○ Discolouration or cracking of engineered quartz if installed as a fireplace surround and subjected to excessive heat

○ Discolouration of engineered quartz if installed in exterior applications

● Scratches caused by dragging sharp instruments, such as metal, stone, or ceramic across the surface

● The use of abrasive or highly concentrated cleaning agents that can dull the manufacturer’s surface finish or leave discoloration markings. This includes, but is not limited to, vinegar, Magic Erasers, bleach, and acetone.

● Limitations of natural stone. Natural stone has naturally occurring fissures throughout slabs which may visually appear as hairline cracks. Fissures are to be expected in natural stone and do not render the material defective. Some natural stone is unavoidably prone to chipping during fabrication and may require minor repairs in the shop with colour matched epoxy. When required, natural stone repairs are conducted in accordance with industry standards during the polishing or fabrication process.

● Limitations of honed, antique, concrete and suede finishes. These types of finishes, particularly on darker colours, are more prone to marking from grease, oils and fingerprints. Marking is to be expected.

● Leaving rusted metal objects in the sink and the use of construction grade chemicals in sinks, such as paints and acetones, may result in the degradation of the sink finish.

● Defects in products manufactured by a third party, such as engineered stone, sinks or faucets.

● StoneFlow shower pans are covered by a separate warranty.

● Damage to paint or drywall as a result of installation of new countertops, or removal of old countertops. Paint and drywall touch ups are the responsibility of the client.

All warranty claims will be assessed by a GCI service technician who will recommend the appropriate way forward. If GCI workmanship is at fault, GCI will replace or repair the piece in question at no cost to the client. If the manufacturer is at fault, GCI will assist the client with warranty claim submission. If the client is at fault, GCI may be hired to repair the issues at a cost borne by the client.